Gardner Village Blog 5 Doll and Toy Trends for Christmas 2018
Wednesday Nov 28 2018

It’s time again! Santa and his elves are spending every waking hour in that magical toy shop, getting gifts ready. This is your chance to give the Claus Crew a hand. Holly Offret, the owner of Georgell Doll Shop in Gardner Village, has the store’s shelves fully stocked and ready to rock this holiday season. 

If you’ve met Holly, you know she’s extremely passionate about dolls and toys, and she knows what children like. It’s like she has a direct line to Santa himself or something. Checkout her list of must-have toys to give and get this year.



What little girl doesn’t love finding a beautiful doll beneath the tree? The babies at Georgell are lifelike and oh, so adorable! 

You’ll also find a wide assortment of accessories. As I was editing images for this article, my three-year-old daughter looked over my shoulder and happened to see this diaper bag. She was all the heart eyes. That’s a good indicator that this is a jackpot surprise idea! :) 


2. 18-INCH DOLLS & ACCESSORIES (and 14” doll accessories)

Kinder-aged+ girls and boys love the world of 18” dolls. Georgell is THE SPOT for these gorgeous dolls, as well as their many, many stylish accessories. (NOTE: This is only a tiny sampling of what they have to offer.) 

You’ll also find clothes and accessories for the smaller 14” dolls, including this festive holiday nightgown. Where can I get this in my size?


Prepare to take a trip down memory lane. What's old is new and cool again! From Ms. Shortcake to metal tops, you'll find unique gifts AND have an excuse to revisit some of your childhood favs!

As a fun extra, Georgell Doll Shop also carries a lovely assortment of antique dolls for the collector in your life. 


Any time is a great time for a tea party at Georgell Doll Shop. Take that spirit home in the form of a charming tea set. 

You’ll find vintage-inspired tin sets, as well as several beautiful basket options. 

5. FAIRIES (*brand new this season)

“I’m suuuuper excited about this one,” Holly said. As the owner of Georgell Doll Shop, she knows what makes a good doll. You might say these fairy dolls put a little flight in her fancy. 

It’s easy to see why Holly’s excited. This collection of dolls includes several doll options, as well as extra wardrobe pieces and accessories. Plus, the doll is easy to adjust and play with—win! 


Your Holiday Party Place

Looking for a unique spot to host a holiday get-together this season? Part of Georgell Doll Shop has transformed into a cozy Christmas cottage. Contact the store to learn more about hosting a birthday party or other celebration at 801.561.1485.

Meet Mrs. Claus! 

Join Mrs. Claus for fun stories from the North Pole. She stops in every Thursday and Saturday, from 6-8PM through December. This FREE event adds unforgettable magic to the season, and all ages are welcome. Each story lasts about 15 minutes. Psssttt... this is also an excellent time for Mom and Dad to get some shopping done in the doll shop. ;) 

"One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas Day!"--Andy Rooney

Well said, Mr. Rooney. Your friends at Georgell Doll Shop and Gardner Village hope these gift ideas get you a step closer to that magical morning mess. More than that, we hope you're having a safe and joyous season.

Megan Hoeppner

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