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Natural Joy
Natural & Organic Makeup & Body Care Store

Nothing brings your body more joy than living a healthy life. From exercise to diet, a mindful approach towards wellness is the way to go. This lifestyle shouldn’t stop at what you put in your body when what you put on it is just as important. This is where Natural Joy becomes an important part of your healthful equation. We offer you the safest makeup and body care products, many of which are locally created to meet our strictest of ingredient criteria and guidelines.

Natural Joy actually started out of owner Joy Wicks own journey seeking cosmetics she could feel good about putting on. After hours and hours of research, she realized just how little there really was available to the Utah buyer. Health food stores were lacking and online shopping was a gamble. She saw an immediate need and decided to fill it with her own offering of thoroughly-researched products. Now, ten+ years later, she’s the owner of an award-winning store (Salt Lake Magazine’s” Best of the Beehive 2012”) and still takes pleasure in helping customers choose their own organic assortment of materials perfectly suited to them.

Don’t worry if you come in unsure of what you’re after. We’re so confident you’ll love what we have to offer that we’ll send you home with free samples to try. We also have an in-store beauty bar, where you can sit down and try things on to find that perfect pairing. It is our goal to offer you personalized service as we share the joy that comes from living a natural life.