Upon the Shelf Home Decor

Upon the Shelf Home Décor Store

Upon the Shelf at Gardner Village is a small artisan business specializing in unique, handmade products along with many items for home and holiday decorating. What began as a hobby has turned into a growing business for the Wallace family. There's something special about handmade work. The story began over 20 years ago making small stuffed bears and selling them in a local boutique. With success and encouragement, they found themselves expanding into Gardner Village which has been their quaint home for the past f14 years. Their grandchildren are now part of the business as they too love to dream and create. You'll find three generations of handmade gifts in the store. When you purchase from Upon the Shelf, you're helping little girls get dance lessons, a boy get his team jersey, needed braces and missionary payments for their church service.

The owners are so very thankful for the many loyal customers who purchase from the store and return again and again. They're also thankful for sweet husbands who cut and sand wood, chauffeur to the craft and fabric stores and keep children fed at the local fast-food establishment when the night grows late, and they're still working in the garage creating the next masterpieces for the store.