The Village Quilt Shop

Village Quilt Shop quilts and bedding

The Village Quilt Shop

Welcome to quilt heaven! At The Village Quilt Shop at Gardner Village in West Jordan, Utah you’ll find lovable patchworks in every nook and cranny: rolled up in baskets, neatly folded in hutches, spilling out drawers, hanging from racks. The place feels like a spare bedroom— the one with all the heirloom quilts stacked in the closet, but in fresh, trendy colors and styles. This ain't your grandma's quilt store.

This a-frame store smells like cinnamon and spice and looks so plush and cozy, tucked away just south of Salt Lake City at Gardner Village, your first inclination is to curl-up and take a nap. But resist the temptation to snooze. Instead search for that perfect quilt. From modern to classic-style, this quilt store has something for just about everyone. It boasts Utah's largest selection of quilts.

QS quilt Find plush red and purple pillows hanging from clotheslines. Buy shams, dust ruffles or sort through racks of hanging quilts. A far cry from the Wal-Mart bed-in-the-bag approach, shopping at this one-of-a-kind store comes with a personal touch. Gather the softest linens, a bunch of colorful pillows and quilts and let the clerks help you assemble your selection by making up one of the beds in the shop.

The Village Quilt Shop is located at Gardner Village in the heart of the Salt Lake Valley.

Quilt Care Cleaning Instructions The life of your quilt will directly correspond to the amount of use and frequency of cleaning. Your quilt is made to use and last. However, heavy use and frequent cleaning will accelerate the aging process. The Quilt Shop can help you with tips about quilt cleaning and quilt care instructions. To prevent fading, always place your quilt away from direct sunlight.

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